Development Charges in the Municipality of Casselman

Development charges are a form of infrastructure charge that seeks to recover the cost of growth-related infrastructure from growth itself. Development charges are a one-time fee collected on new land development; new residential and non-residential properties to offset the cost of growth-related demands on municipal services.

2023 - Development Charges Background Study - Water and Waste
Water Services

2023 - Pamphlet - Development charges explained.pdf

Read Development Charges by-law 2022-061 to amend by-law 2021-057. Find the new table of fees here

The Municipality of Casselman imposes development charges in compliance with the Ontario Development Charges Act. Revenue from development charges are specifically dedicated and used solely for the purpose of providing growth-related infrastructure.

In Casselman, development charges are imposed on the capital cost of the following services:

  • Roads and Related Services
  • Fire Protection
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Library
  • Administration

Amount of Development Charges

The amounts charged are based on the type of dwelling and imposed when a building permit is issued. Applicable rates are indicated in Schedule B of the development charges municipal bylaw.

Below are the up-to-date charges as stated in bylaw 2021-057

Municipal Services






2 Bedrooms


Bachelor and 1 Bedroom


Other Multiples


Per sq ft of Gross Floor Area

Road and Related Services






Fire Protection






Municipal Parking






Parks and Recreation
























Water and Sewage Charges

In accordance with its municipal by-law 2018-050, the municipality of Casselman requires development fees for water and sewer. These fees are indexed to the cost of living. You can view the by-law here 2018-050 Being a by-law to adopt development charges.pdf
The municipal map showing the rates for the various neighborhoods in development is at the end of the document. Here's the up-to-date table for charges this year. Casselman frais eaux et égouts - Charges water and sewer Casselmand.pdf

Background Study

As required by the Ontario Development Charges Act, the Municipality of Casselman conducted a background study prior to the adoption of new development charges and policies. Follow the link to view or download a copy of the Municipality of Casselman Development Services Review.pdf


For more information about prescribed services, exemptions and areas please consult the 2018-050 Being a by-law to adopt development charges.pdfPlease note: Table of charges in document is obsolete.
You may also contact the the Treasurer at 613-764-3139, extension 207.