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Play Tennis in Casselman

The Municipality of Casselman tennis courts are adjacent the J.R. Brisson Complex located at 758 Brébeuf Street. 

  • Two exterior courts
  • Asphalt surface 
  • Lighting system - until 11 :00 pm

Court Access Fees 

To use the tennis courts, you must register and pay the annual access fees.

The access fees include unlimited access to courts, providing they are available.

Annual Tennis Court Access Fees 

Age of player 

Resident Rate 

Non-resident Rate 

Child - 0 to 14 



Youth - 15 to 17 



Adult - 18 + 



To register, please fill out the registration form and return it with a cheque payable to the Municipality of Casselman. You may also get a copy of the form and pay directly at the J.R. Brisson Complex office. 

Club Tennis Casselman

Club Tennis Casselman Logo

The Casselman Tennis Club is managed by volunteers who work closely with Parks and Recreational Services to provide all age groups with a range of tennis-related activities.

To register, please fill out a copy of the Tennis Club Registration Form and promotional poster

Club Member Benefits

  • Free access to tennis ball machine
  • Reserved court time and supply of tennis balls while playing in an adult league
  • Tournaments 
  • Children’s program 

For more information on the club’s activities or to become a member, visit Club Tennis Casselman.

Exterior Tennis Court Rules 

In order to ensure a positive game experience for all players, please follow the rules when using the tennis courts.

  • Wear tennis shoes or running shoes and suitable sports clothes.
  • Use unbreakable containers for your beverages. Glass containers are prohibited on the courts for security purposes.
  • Keep and consume food and snacks off the courts. Food is prohibited on the courts for cleanliness and safety reasons.
  • Protect our equipment - do not sit or lean on the nets. 
  • Respect the posted schedule and reserved court times for Club Tennis Casselman.
  • Behave in a courteous manner and use respectful language at all times.