Casselman Dog Bylaws 

The Dog Bylaw 2015-027 aims at licensing and controlling dogs in the Municipality of Casselman. The Stoop and Scoop Bylaw 1994-594 also applies to dog control. 

The following is a summary of the bylaws. For precise wording and all provisions, please refer the official Dog Bylaw 2015-027 (PDF) and Stoop and Scoop Bylaw 1994-596 (PDF).

Key points 

  • There is a limit of three dogs per civic address. 
  • Dog owners must buy a licence for each of their dogs aged eight weeks or older. 
  • Dog owners must prevent their pets from running at large, trespassing on private property or being within a prohibited area. 
  • Dog owners must prevent their pets from becoming a public nuisance. Barking persistently; causing damage to public or private property; chasing pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles; and scattering trash are considered a public nuisance. 
  • Dog owners must pick up after their pet. 
  • Stray dogs may be impounded at the owner’s expense. 
  • Unclaimed impounded dogs may be given away, sold or destroyed after 72 hours. 


Fines for violations range from $50 to $150 as provided for in the Provincial Offences Act.


Some sections of the bylaw do not apply to visually or physically impaired people keeping professionally trained guide dogs. 

File a Complaint or Report a Violation 

To register a complaint with the Municipality about a perceived infraction, you must fill out a complaint form.

To report a situation during regular business hours, please contact the bylaw officer at 613-764-3139, extension 241.