A new/revised Asset Management Plan for 2022 has been produced.

In 2021, the firm Hemson was retained to undertake the development of a comprehensive asset management plan for the Municipality of Casselman. The plan is a tool to assist with decisions regarding the building, operating, maintaining, renewing, replacing, disposing and funding of our infrastructure assets.

The asset management plan was prepared in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure’s “Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans”. Municipalities seeking provincial infrastructure funding must demonstrate how their proposed projects fit within a detailed asset management plan. This helps to ensure that limited resources are directed to the most critical needs. 

Municipality of Casselman Asset Management Plan 

The report submitted by Hemson contains the following subsections: 

Executive Summary

An overview highlighting key observations and recommendations. 


A summary of the project objectives and background of the Municipality’s infrastructure. 

State of Local Infrastructure

An inventory of the Municipality’s assets and associated life expectancies, replacement costs, assigned conditions and recommended works. 

Desired Levels of Service

An overview of each infrastructure category’s levels of service and the associated targets and timeframes. 

Asset Management Strategy

A summary of the planned action strategies and an overview of the risk assessment used to prioritize the recommended works. 

Financing Strategy

A summary of the yearly expenditure forecasts by infrastructure category and planned action strategy, followed by an evaluation of the adequacy of the Municipality’s funding.