Casselman Smoke-Free Environment Bylaw 

The 2019-063 Smoking Bylaw prohibits smoking in municipal public places and municipal workplaces within the Municipality of Casseman. The purpose of the bylaw is to promote a safe and healthy environment and to protect workers and residents from second-hand smoke. 

The following is a summary of the bylaw. For precise wording and all provisions, please refer to the official 2019-063 Smoke-Free Bylaw (PDF)

Key points 

  • The bylaw applies to any person on municipal property.
  • Smoking and tobacco products include all cigarettes, cigars, and pipes; chewing tobacco; electronic cigarette devices; plant material and oils intended for inhalation. 
  • Smoking is prohibited on all municipal property, except in designated areas. Municipal property includes:
    • Town Hall
    • J.R. Brisson Complex (arena & community Centre)
    • Centre Paul-Émile Lévesque
    • Parks 


If you smoke on municipal property, you may receive a fine of no more than $5,000, as provided for in the Provincial Offences Act.

File a Complaint or Report a Violation 

To register a complaint with the Municipality about a perceived infraction, you must fill out a complaint form.

To report a situation during regular business hours, please contact the bylaw officer at 613-764-3139, extension 241.