About Delegations 

Individuals or groups wishing to address Council during a meeting have to appear as a delegation if approved by the Clerk's department.

In accordance with Council rules of procedures, all presentations must be made during a regular meeting. Regular meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, with the exception of February, March, July, August and December.

  • Delegations are generally intended to inform or make a specific request to Council. The topic of your presentation must be a municipal responsibility or have an impact on the Municipality of Casselman.
  • The total time available for your presentation is ten minutes.
  • You have to submit your delegation request and all supporting documents that will be presented to Council at least one week before the meeting. The documents will be included with the agenda, and they will become public. 
  • Requests for delegations are accepted based on the time available on the agenda. There is a maximum of two delegations per meeting. 

The Delegation During Council Meeting 

  • Delegations are usually scheduled at the beginning of a meeting.
  • The Mayor will invite you to step up to make your presentation. 
  • Council members may ask you questions after your presentation. After the discussion is over, Council may receive the presentation for information purposes only.
  • If you are asking Council to take action on a specific matter, the issue may be referred to Administration or to a committee for further study.
Request a Delegation Form
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If yes, please send a copy of all supporting documents at least one week before the meeting. Accepted electronic formats: Microsoft Office documents and PDF files.

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